Experience a truly original combination of spiritual exploration and jaw-dropping blues with the one and only Walter Jr. Between the Bible and the Blues reveals the non-dual nature of the human condition in the presence of God, as life existentially actualizes the dissolution of loss within the wholeness of love. This rare blend of music and soul explores how we walk down one side of the street on Saturday night and the other on Sunday morning. According to Walter Jr., they’re two sides of the same street.

The landscape of this performance is filled with backstory encounters amidst mystical and musical mentors. From the sacred fire of the blues to the searing glory of the gospel, explore the many shades of Spirit with Louisiana’s only true “musicianary.”

Walter Jr. performs solo on his custom-designed Benedetto seven-string. The additional extra low string allows him to play moving bass lines in conjunction with chords and melodic riffs. Combined with his smoky, soulful vocals and original South Louisiana repertoire, this incredible fusion is unique in atmosphere and artistry. There is truly no other performance of this kind.

Scheduling Listening Rooms, Church Venues and Small Concert Halls now. Contact Walter Jr. for opportunities.