“The Lafayette native brews up a compelling gumbo of swamp pop and roadhouse blues…quintessential sounds from the swamps of Southern Louisiana.”

Bill Milkowski / Jazz Times

“Louisiana Soul” lives up to its title through a mixture of South Louisiana – inspired roadhouse blues and swamp pop with an affinity for the warm Muscle Shoals sounds of the late 60’s… sounds like early ZZ Top with its stomping attitude and funky string bending.”

Scott Jordan / Gambit Weekly

“As a guitarist, Walter Jr. knocks out many a full-bodied twangy, crunchy solo that’s a major factor in the album’s overall swamp vibe. They slash, boogie and barrel their way through a pleasing set of horn-powered funk, blue-eyed soul and roadhouse blue plate specials.”

Dan Wilging / Offbeat

“This is a melting pot of swamp rock, blues, funk and roots rock. Walter Jr. serves up the entire menu with a healthy dose of Cajun Spice and Southern Flair. These are songs that could only be written by someone who has traveled many roads of love and life. Walter Jr. seems primed to continue the journey.”

Michael Cote / Blues Revue

“The Louisiana guitarist plays authentic Delta blues mixed with the backwater sound of Cajun funk & Dixieland jazz. His fretwork soars with well-thought-out and rightly bent notes.”

Aaron Rogers / Boulder Weekly

“The album is at once a throwback to the golden days of classic Southern R&B and a very personal and thoughtful take on the music of that era boasting fine songwriting and musicianship with soul as palpable as the music to which it offers tribute.”

– Michael Cala / Blues Revue

“As versatile and balanced as the Bayou State itself, Walter Jr. provides lyrical and rhythmic instructions on how to authentically rock in Creole country, capturing the spirit and sounds that permeate the Gulf Coast.”

Emily Parks / Hittin’ The Note

“His guitar playing is chock full of warm jazz tones—soft delicate chords that often break into fluid solos. His wispy, expressive vocal delivery is equally creative… the combination feels metaphysical — a stereo marvel circling the senses. Walter Jr. is a master of delivering messages masked in melody.”

Dan Willging / Offbeat Magazine

“With languid rhythms as slippery as an eel and an accent sometimes as thick as swamp mud, Lafayette Louisiana native Walter Jr.’s The River Club massively rocks and takes no prisoners musically and lyrically. A rather fine release that is individual, rootsy, and committed. Rating: 9.”

Norman Darwen / Blues in Britan Magazine

“Louisiana’s finest serves up more great, funky music with guitar rhythms and solos from the soul. The only difference this time is the material is sacred. His playing and vocals make you a believer. A true treasure.”

John Heidt / Vintage Guitar